The mission of the All Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Clinic is to provide up to date and comprehensive medical care to our patients. We understand that allergies and asthma can be life changing conditions that require specialized care and we proactively work with our patients to improve their quality of life. It is our goal to have our patients leave our office with a clear understanding of their medical condition and the treatment plan to be implemented.

We are very passionate about our field and enjoy caring for you and your family. We always appreciate your referrals and we assure you the best quality of care. Feel free to call our dedicated and professional staff should you have any further questions.

Three convenient locations
East Dallas
10216 Garland Road
Dallas, TX 75218
Downtown Baylor Hospital
3600 Gaston Avenue
Wadley Tower #1056
Dallas, TX 75246
270 S. Collins Rd, #300
Sunnyvale, TX 75182
Phone : 214-328-3232
Email :
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